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Will Daredevil Season 3 Depict Karen’s Death?

Superheroes were not only an essential factor in our life in childhood but they still hold the same importance. Marvel Comics, the name itself pacifies us as it includes several fictional characters on which movies and TV series or shows have been made. And Daredevil being an exceptionally intriguing fictional character has urged many people to watch the series based on the character. Drew Goddard is the man behind the show related to the superhero and we have already seen two highly absorbing seasons of Daredevil. Therefore, the fandom wonder how big the next entry in the Daredevil series is going to be. Cliff-hangers becomes a part of a particular season when it concludes and even the second entry of the web series was filled with it. This made the fandom excited and now they wonder how and what things are going to emerge in Daredevil Season 3.

Elektra is a very common and known name in the series and we actually cannot think of the series without her. But fans actually had to imagine the continuity of Daredevil when she died in the second instalment. Elektra’s death was sad as the plan of killing her was formed by Stick who actually had trained her and also Daredevil. So who could have thought that Stick would plan for Elektra’s death. But at one point people started predicting it when Elektra showed utter disinterest in Daredevil heading back to Hand which happens to be the organisation of Stick. Hand has a rule which is not liked by Daredevil. Stick likes to teach lesson to people by only killing them and not punishing those people. But Daredevil is not like that as he punishes the culprits. Therefore, Stick and his mentalities clashed and Daredevil no longer wanted to go back to the organization.


Elektra also going against it fired up Stick and he settled combat battle in which Elektra actually died. But that might not be the conclusion of Elektra’s part as she may come back. Yes, Elektra is said to be reappearing in Daredevil season 3. But there is shocking speculation which says that she may turn into someone who has a negative mindset. So, will Elektra be the antagonist of Daredevil 3?

Talking about antagonist, who can be a better one than Bullseye? He is going to get noticed in the third season of Daredevil web series which would lead to a massive face off. And this fight is surely going to take place between Daredevil and him. So we wonder at what level people are going to be hooked to the third instalment.

Karen coming to known about the deep secret about Matt was another intriguing thing but what exactly can be her reaction? This hasn’t been essayed yet so her reaction on knowing Matt’s reality is going to be exciting. But one sad speculation made by people is that Daredevil Season 3 may essay Karen’s death. Well! Karen is a favourite character for many and it would be heart-wrenching if she is seen dead.

However, Daredevil Season 3 release date is not revealed but it may premiere next year. Till then we can anticipate some more possible happenings of the forthcoming instalment.


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