Beyonce Announces She’s Pregnant Again on Instagram


Ladies and gentlemen this is not a drill! This time the queen assure the news on Instagram by herself that Blue levy will be big sister very soon. So the conclusion of all is Beyonce pregnancy is not rumors anymore.

Beyonce and Jay Z both are expecting twins this time and that is fine. Mrs. Jay Z Carter made the news official when she posted her photo along with a caption reading on Instagram moments.

“We would like to share our love and happiness. The Carters – We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes.”

You can also check the picture of her with symptoms of pregnancy. Hope you will surely remember that in the year 2011 pop star Beyonce declared her first pregnancy during her live performance at the VMAs.

Nevertheless, this declaration might not create the zest of that way but her fans are recently losing it on social media.

Now, what about Becky With the Good Hair? Who do you think it may be? What do they think of this latest development?

It is Beyonce of course, but the Internet is also responsible for this. As you know there was surely two or three million hater of her. As consequences, we will have to wait to the date of delivery to find out the real truth and also the unique names of the would-be babies of first hip hop couple. We have to wait to know the lucky names chosen by Carter’s couple this time.

To know for another color or plant combination in a name once again we have crossed our finger. Blue Ivy is possibly the most addicted celebrity baby name of all time. What is your expectation from Bey and Jay? If we set aside all the controversies about the name, our hearty congratulations for our favorite A-list families.

In her previous pregnancy, Beyonce took off for five months from everything (recording and touring) after the birth of the child. But this year Beyonce is booked for Coachella Festival which will be held in April. Here she will sing along with Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar.

Her album Lemonade is also set to appear for Grammys this year as it is dominated the field with a total number of nominations nine.



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